My stand-up comedy act has inspired the following comments:

"Dave Thompson is the star of the smash hit TV show, Teletubbies". (NEWS OF THE WORLD).

"Mr Thompson has become a cult among students." (DAILY TELEGRAPH).

"Dave Thompson is hilarious and goes down a storm with the crowd." (DAILY MAIL).

"Dave Thompson has a unique style and some of the best one-liners". (THE GUARDIAN).

"The best one-liners I've heard this season". (THE INDEPENDENT).

"His ballerina routine nearly brought the house down". (COMEDY REVIEW).

"Dave Thompson astonishes with his lanky eccentricities... talented and always amusing". (TIME OUT).

"Dave Thompson... everything in the world is beautiful". (COMEDY MAGAZINE).

"One of the finest joke writers in the country". (TIME OUT).

"The weirdest dude on the face of the earth". (TIME OUT).

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